SpeedyLight+ UV LED

System Components

One of the design criteria for the SpeedyLight+ UV LED was to deliver a self-contained solution, avoid multiple components connected by cables and hoses. The result is a highly portable device that can be transported on a light vehicle and handled by a single operator. The system is comprised of a control unit, a cable reel with built-in power supply, 50m of cable (70m optional) and two sizes of interchangeable LED curing head to accommodate varying pipe diameters.

System Components SpeedyLight+ UV LED

System Components

The following are the main elements of the SpeedyLight+ UV LED system:

Portable control unit

Portable Control Unit.

Command control and configuration of all system functions is accomplished via the control unit. It has a 5" TFT display for the light head's camera and 9,7" industrial touchs screen for control, with support for multiple languages.

UV LED Curing heads

UV LED Curing Heads

Two interchangeable size address curing pipes from DN100 to DN200 and DN100 to DN250.

50 m cable reel

50 m Cable Reel

The reel contains 50 m of DN20 elastic hose with ducts to supply compressed air, both for cooling the curing head and maintaining internal pipe pressure. The reel includes wheels for easy transportation.

Motorized pulling unit with LCD

Motorized Pulling Unit with LCD

The pulling unit moves the head along the pipe during the curing process. It is comprised of electric motors, a pressure gauge, manual pressure regulation , compressed air connectors and an air filter/dryer.

Y Connector

Y Connector

The 6-inch Y shape connector (Storz or Camlock type) is used to introduce the curing head into the pressurized pipe. It is compatible with a standard inversion drum. And is constructed of aluminum alloy.

Transition Adaptor

Transition Adaptor

This piece serves as an adapter from 6" Storz to 6" Camlock (female). It is 160 mm long, weighs. 3.5 kg and is made of aluminum.

Set of connectors


This set of five reducing connectors is made of stainless steel, and offers reduction from 6" Camlock to DN100, DN125, DN150, DN200 or DN250.

SpeedyLight+ UV LED in curing position

(the inverter is not part of the standard system)

SpeedyLight+ UV LED in curing position

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