LED Curing product range

A wide portfolio of LED curing solutions for trenchless pipe renovation. Systems to renovate mainlines, laterals, in-house drains and sectional repairs in sewer pipes. Click here to watch an introduction video of Sewertronics LED curing systems.


UV glass-fibre curing. LED technology for a more efficient UV glass-fibre liner curing.


Mainlines & Laterals. Fast light curing technology
for laterals & mainlines.

SpeedyLight VX

Verticals & Laterals. A curing system for verticals & laterals with epoxy UV resin.

QuickPatch LED

Spot Repair. Sewertronics’ LED shadowless solution for spot repair with Epoxy LED pre-pregs.

Spectra DIVE

Manhole CIPP. Dive-S1800 compatible with Speedylight+ and Dive-L2400 compatible with LEDRig.

SEWERTRONICS´ LED Curing presentation

This video is a brief introduction to our LED curing solutions range. For detailed information about each system, please click here.