QuickPatch LED

Sewertronics’ LED shadowless
solution for patch repair

The Sewertronics’ QuickPatch LED cures prepregs for a spot repair from DN80 mm to DN450 mm. QuickPatch’s high-power LED design incorporates a breakthrough, shadowless technology that guarantees full radiation reach to the entire surface of the fibre-glass prepregs.

The LED radiation design, follows the radiation and cooling principles of our patented technology and allows to cure every patch in just 3-5 minutes.

Just as our Speedylight+ and LED RIG equipment, QuickPatch LED changes the game in the rehabilitation industry by bringing incredibly fast curing times, portability and easy-to-use features.

QuickPatch Pro UV LED

Compatibility with SpeedyLight+

All the LED packers are compatible with SpeedyLight+: just disconnect the LED curing head from your SpeedyLight+ and connect any of the four UV patches radiation sources to work in ranges from 80 to 450 mm.

QuickPatch LED presentation video

A brief introduction to the Sewertronics LED solution for spot-sectional pipe renovation

Sewertronics’ Pre-pregs

LED Epoxy resin

Sewertronics provides a high-quality pre-pregs, a pre-impregnated fibre-glass mat that is delivered ready to install, saving the service contractor’s time at the job-site. The glass fibre material comes already impregnated with our LED epoxy resin and packed individually in a UV protection foil pouch. This ensures the patch would not cure unless exposed to the LED radiation from the QuickPatch LED curing system.

The mat (carrier) is a three-layer fiber-glass mat of around 1.000 g/m2, delivering a leak-tight repair and excellent mechanical properties.

QuickPatch UV LED

Shadowless technology

QuickPatch UV LED

Sewertronics’ shadowless technology (patent pending) delivers a homogeneous UV light exposure along 100% of the surface of the patch, ensuring a full body curing of the laminate.

Diameter ranges: DN80 to DN450

QuickPatch UV LED is designed to cover a working range from DN80 to DN450.

We have a family of LED packers for all DN needs:
      • 80mm - 125mm
      • 125mm - 200mm
      • 200mm - 300mm
      • 300mm - 450mm

QuickPatch UV LED Diameter ranges
QuickPatch UV LED

Packers length (1000 m, being effective working length 600 mm): 1 m, though packer’s actual length will vary due to slight deformation of silicone tube at packer’s front and rear structural end-caps. Estimated actual length once packer is fully inflated: 1 meter. Other packer lengths available on request.

Embedded CCTV Camera

All QuickPatch UV LED packers integrate an axial view camera, to support during the positioning and curing operations. The control unit is equipped with a 10’’ monitor to display the images from the camera of each packer.

QuickPatch UV LED

Go-to-the-job site kit

With Go-to-the-job site kit, you would have everything you need to cure LED packers. It includes: small compressor, pressure regulator, manometer, 1/2 air hose, 10 - 50 m of pushing rods (8 mm diameter, length 1.000 mm). Air filter and water separator.

QuickPatch UV LED System Specifications

Working diameters DN80 – DN450
System control Hysteresis Temperature Controller
UV LED modules 4 modules (1,2 m packer)
Sensors Internal core temperature sensor
Camera Yes
Shadowless technology Yes
Cable reel Manual
Umbilical cable 50 m
Weight QuickPatch 54 kg (control unit + cable reel + UV packer)
Dimensions QuickPatch 952 x 700 x 424 m (cable reel + control unit)
Main Monitor 10” installed within the C.U
Emergency Stop Yes, Emergency Stop Button installed within the Control Unit, Additional RCD switch
Voltage 110 – 230V 50/60 Hz
Mains requirement E-type or Std. Schuko wall socket
Conection 5 m power cord with V-lock system
Power 1000W
Mains requirement Std. Schuko wall socket