SpeedyLight+ UV LED

Fast curing technology for laterals

The SpeedyLight+ UV LED curing system is a game changer in the sewer renovation market. Its revolutionary LED technology allows contractors to optimize their operations by increasing working efficiency at the job site up to six times. Curing speed varies from 0.2 to 1.0 m/min, depending on the LED head used and on the diameter of the pipe to be cured. Working diameters start at DN100 and the system is capable of effectively curing liners up to DN400. SpeedyLight+ UV LED features interchangeable curing heads for better maintenance and system cost optimization. Due to the low power of LED technology, a SpeedyLight+ UV LED system can be powered from standard 220V mains or from any 1.2 kW electrical source.

SpeedyLight+ UV LED

Fast curing technology for laterals

Fast laterals curing

A 7 m long DN150 lateral can be cured in 7 minutes. SEWERTRONIC’s SpeedyLight+ UV LED curing system enhances renovation productivity.
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Mobile, portable

All-in-one design allows the curing system to deploy virtually anywhere. Control unit, power supply and cable reel are integrated in one single, portable package.
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90º bends

SpeedyLight+ UV LED successfully negotiates 90º bends in DN100. It’s semi-rigid hose ensures a convenient push of the head along the pipe.
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SpeedyLight+ UV LED system
In Horizontal. In Vertical

SpeedyLight+ UV LED system is designed to be used in both horizontal and vertical pipes. Most laterals are horizontal, although building rehabilitation frequently involve vertical piping.
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Green Technology

SpeedyLight+ UV LED protects our Environment by using less power and less energy to cure. SpeedyLiner system is styrene and amine free.
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Integrated CCTV camera

The curing head has a camera whose large aperture and 170º field of view deliver a crisp image of the pipe.
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SpeedyLight+ UV LED


UV LED Curing Systema

SpinLight Rotating Head

Patent pending rotating LED design, delivering x2 energy density at surface of the liner and increasing curing depth compared to static head with the same power.

SpeedyLight+ UV LED (patent pending) features the innovative rotating Spinlight curing head. This head has LEDs on two opposite sides only, connected by a web of cooling fins on the side. LEDs are mounted only on opposite points of a non-cylindrical housing. The rotation of the LEDs on the opposite sides generates high-energy radiation at two diametrically opposed points on the inside of the lining, increasing the UV radiation density and optimizing curing penetration. This design increases x2 the energy density at the surface of the liner, compared to static LED configurations. The isolated and concentrated assembly of the LED-bearing housing allows a higher peak performance of the product at one point of the lining and thus a hardening of thicker linings and larger pipe diameters.


SpectraLight curing head

Sewertronics’ patent granted (EP 3 345 740 B1, US10343338B2) is based on a static monolithic design that overcomes the need to force air along the interior of the curing head to stabilize LED working temperature.

SpectraLight family of curing heads follow this patented design where its housing, with optimized thermal conductive properties and cooling fins, exchanges heat with the air traveling outside the core. This air is also used to pressurize the liner during inversion and curing process.

This new head is available is 3 diameters and LED power: 40 mm (300 W), 60 mm (600 W) and 80 mm (1200 W). Being compatible with all existing SpeedyLight+ equipments in operation, this design allows reducing the overall size & weight of the head improving the range of application of your SpeedyLight+.

Compared to SpinLight rotative design, SpectraLight delivers higher curing speeds at a given UV LED output power, while SpinLight behaves better offering larger curing depth along the laminate thickness.

SpectraLight diameters and lengths.

SpectraLight SpectraLight Curing Heads

SpectraLight (EP 3 345 740 B1, US10343338B2) design and cooling concept

SpectraLight design

Fast curing. Saving resources.

The technology embedded in the SpeedyLight+ UV LED systems allows contractors to cure impregnated liner at a speeds up to 1,2 m/min, reducing the average time at the job site and increasing the average number of jobs per day. With shot lengths of 7-8 m, SpeedyLight+ UV LED can cure up to 5 times faster than traditional technologies.

The larger the pipe section to cure, the slower the curing speed. Some physics are involved in this variation of speed: the larger the diameter and the wider the surface of liner to be cured, the lower the energy (power) density delivered to the internal surface of the pipe, UV LED output power, rotative or fixed beam and other parameters like liner thickness and type of polyester needled felt or woven fiber-glass have influence on the optimal curing speed.

Lateral pipe diameters

In the lateral rehabilitation market, the most common diameter is DN150 (50%), followed by DN100 (20%) and DN200 (15%). The fewest number of renovations are performed in laterals with diameters of DN125 (10%) and DN250 (5%).

Mobile, portable

The SpeedyLight+ UV LED system has been specifically designed to be light and compact. Its design delivers a smart package than can be easily transported. The total weight of the unit (including power supply) is less than 70 kg, and has built-in wheels.

UV LED curing physics

A high-powered LED array irradiates the impregnated liner, initiating an exothermic reaction thet cures the entire thickness of the carrier resin. The wavelength (400nm) of the LEDs ensures energy is efficiently used to cure the liner. The LED components integrated in the SpeedyLight+ UV LED system are lead-free and comply with RoHS legislation.

90º bends

SpeedyLight offers a family of three different LED curing heads: XS head suitable for diameters 70 mm - 150 mm and capable of managing 90º bends starting at 100 mm, S head suitable for diameters 100 mm - 200 mm and capable of managing 90º bends starting at 160 mm and L head suitable for diameters 100 mm - 400 mm and capable of managing 90º starting at 200 mm. Different curing heads for all different needs.

In vertical. In horizontal.

The SpeedyLight+ UV LED system is designed to be used in both horizontal and vertical pipes. Horizontal pipe use is most common in sewer lateral connections, where diameters range from DN100 to DN400. The system is also used to renovate vertical pipes in buildings or drain lines, where minimizing downtime is critical.

Green Technology

SpeedyLight+ UV LED technology helps protect our environment. It uses less energy to cure every metre of liner, and it uses resin that is styrene and amine free. Light technology is helping the industry to protect our Environment in various ways.

What else at the job site?

The SpeedyLight+ system does not change the way CIPP companies work.

First, the liner is impregnated using the traditional tools found in this industry: impregnation tables, either electrical or manual. Then, the liner is placed in the host pipe using an air-pressurized inversion drum. The use of a pre-liner is recommended. And finally, the SpeedyLight+ system is used to cure the liner.

Open-ended Rehabilitation

The rehabilitation can be done from one end of the pipe.

It is also possible to work with an open-ended liner. In situations where the second manhole is not accessible, the rehabilitation can be done from one end of the pipe using a dedicated transparent hose. Being transparent is essential so that the UV radiation is not blocked by the hose.

The resin. The liner.

Synthetic polyester felt carrier, impregnated with styrene-free vinyl ester resin.

SEWERTRONICS™ resin and liner system consists of a synthetic polyester felt carrier impregnated with styrene-free vinyl ester resin. The liner is coated with polyurethane, giving the material the necessary flexibility for smooth and easy-to-use installation. At the same time, polyurethane polymer offers a good degree of long-wave UV light transmission.

Liner can be impregnated either at the job site or at the customer‘s impregnation facility. In both cases traditional impregnation tables can be used. The styrene-free vinyl ester resin is supplied in one component, so there is no need to mix resin and hardener, avoiding additional work and dosing risks. The chemistry of the resin includes a special component, a photoinitiator sensitive to long-wave (400 nm) ultraviolet light.

SEWERTRONIC offers impregnation services at the customer’s request.

Integrated CCTV camera.

CCD camera combines a large aperture lens.

The curing head's CCD camera combines a large aperture lens, 170-degree field of view and a 3000 mW LED ring to delivers a bright, sharp image. The camera's only purpose is to support the curing process and is not designed to replace a CCTV inspection system.


This element is connected to the inversion drum by a Storz coupling.

As an accessory, the system also includes a Y-connector. This element is connected to the inversion drum by a Storz coupling, allowing introduction of the LED curing head inside the pressurized pipe. Plastic seals make sure no air pressure is released. SpeedyLight+ is designed to work without this element not being indispensable to conduct UV LED curing.

SpeedyLight+ Y-connector

Maximum curing length.

The standard length is 50 m, and extended length is 100 m.

The system is available with two different cable/hose reels. The standard length is 50 m, and extended length is 100 m. In contrast to heat-cured solutions, UV cure time corresponds directly to length.

UV LED curing system for laterals

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